Day 7 – Swords, Boston, Washington D.C., and Dallas

We woke and returned our car to the Hertz outside the airport, which is very poorly signed. After making our way through the light security (in comparison to American airport security), we had Irish breakfast in the airport, which was surprisingly good. You’d think we would have been tired of it by now. The flight to Boston was very comfortable, and it should be noted that Aer Lingus was one of the best airlines I’ve ever flow. The staff was incredibly courteous, the in-flight food decent, and the entertainment selection excellent. And they gave us tea and biscuits.

Goodbye, Ireland. 😦

When we arrived in Boston, however, we learned that our flight had been cancelled. This was AFTER going through security to the terminals. The American Airlines people at the terminal told us we would have to exit the terminal and go speak to the check-in people in order to resolve this. We did that, only to learn that AA had no flights going to Dallas that day. They managed to get us on a US Airways connecting flight to Washington D.C., and then on to Dallas. We rushed to get to our other terminal, went through security again, and then flew to D.C. only to find that our flight to Dallas had been delayed by an hour. An hour later, it was delayed by another hour. An hour later, it was delayed by another hour. That repeating sentence was not a mistake. An hour later, it was delayed by another hour. Neither was that one. After a total five hour delay, we managed to get on a flight to Dallas. Thank goodness we have friends willing to pick us up from the airport in the middle of the night on a Monday morning. I know AA is having financial problems, but seriously?

Despite the horrid trip home, we left with an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. The land and people of Ireland are truly great, and we could not have had a better honeymoon.